VENZO Secure Dedicated Cloud...

...dedicated SurveillanceSeries hardware running in a secured Cloud environment.

About: VENZO Secure Dedicated Cloud offers Cloud hosting for our SurveillanceSeries servers.

SurveillanceSeries units come preconfigured according to VMS best practices. Enjoy a fully managed Surveillance system running in a secured, monitored Cloud environment.


Over 5000 cameras supported*

Flexible monthly plans

Flexible licensing

Secure VPN connection

Cloud enablement

Cloud storage

Unlimited Cloud bandwidth

24/7 Support and monitoring

ONVIF supported*

Edge analytics supported*

Third-party integrations supported

Flexible recording (bandwidth effective)

Video path diagram

  1. Cameras: All Cloud enablement options supported
  2. Live Video: Live feeds are retreived from the Cloud anywhere in the world
  3. Recorded Video: Footage is stored in the Cloud for up to 30 days based on camera resolution and framerate.
  4. Alarms: Alarms are received in the Cloud and propagated globally to any number of client devices/workstations
  5. Cloud: Connection to the Cloud is acheived via our encrypted VPN connection

VENZO Secure SurveillanceSeries

The VENZO Secure SurveillanceSeries is the hardware family that is offered bundled with the Dedicated Cloud offering. Choose the best fitting solution for your surveillance needs from our versatile MM, R or HSeries hardware. Powered by latest generation HPE servers, the SurveillanceSeries come preconfigured according to best practices to ensure optimal performance. Purchased via Distribution.

Technical description

VENZO Secures’ SurveillanceSeries offers optimized VMS solutions running on latest generation HPE hardware. We can host any SurveillanceSeries servers in our secured Cloud environment. This gives you the advantage of having dedicated cloud-hosted servers powering the heart of your IP Video Surveillance system. All surveillanceSeries units come preconfigured according to best practices, ensuring peace of mind and optimal 24/7 performance.

Live video is streamed from the camera to the VENZO Secure Cloud over our secured VPN, then to any number of clients globally.

Alarms are delivered from the Cloud to any number of clients/workstations. Any number of control centers can be connected to the Cloud for live monitoring.

With the offered comprehensive range of endlessly scalable modular appliances, you have the power to address every need of a modern IP Video Surveillance system in a few easy steps:

Choose server type

Choose between MSeries Management servers, RSeries Recording servers or HSeries hybrid servers.

Choose cloud storage

Add dedicated cloud-hosted storage by exploring the VSSeries storage enclosures, scalable up to PBs of space.

Choose Cloud Hosting term duration and licensing plan

Longer term durations offer better prices. Professional services for the dedicated hardware are also available.