VENZO Secure Direct Connect...

...a fully Cloud enabled offering that elevates the abilities of new and existing cameras.

About: Direct Connect Cloud connects cameras directly into our secure central Cloud.

Cameras stream over a secure VPN connection without the need for local recording servers.

Live and Recorded video is retrieved from the Cloud environment, globally to any number of client devices. Alarms from the system can also be propagated globally or sent to a dedicated alarm central of your choice.

Direct connect allows the use of existing or new cameras to be hosted directly in our secure hosting center running on our High Availability VMS platform.


Over 5000 cameras supported

Flexible monthly plans

Flexible licensing

Secure VPN connection

Cloud enablement

Cloud storage

Unlimited Cloud bandwidth

24/7 Support and monitoring

ONVIF supported

Edge analytics supported

Third-party integrations supported

Flexible recording (bandwidth effective)

Video path diagram

  1. Cameras: Cameras are directly connected to the Cloud environment.
  2. Live Video: Live feeds are retreived from the Cloud anywhere in the world.
  3. Recorded Video: Footage is stored in the Cloud for up to 30 days based on camera resolution and framerate.
  4. Alarms: Alarms are received in the Cloud and propagated globally to any number of client devices/workstations.
  5. Cloud: Connection to the Cloud is acheived via our encrypted VPN connection.

Technical description

Direct Connect Cloud connects cameras directly into our High Availability environment. Control centers can be connected to the Cloud for live monitoring.

Cameras record over our secure VPN connection without the need for a local recording server.

Live video is streamed from the camera to the VENZO Secure Cloud over our secured VPN, then to any number of clients globally.

Alarms are delivered from the Cloud to any number of clients/workstations.

Direct Connect video recording can be handled in the following ways:

VSaaS Direct Connect on motion recording

Video is recorded in the Cloud on detecting motion in front of the camera. The video recording can be done a few seconds before the motion itself to capture the full scene.

VSaaS Direct Connect on alarm recording

Video is recorded on an alarm event. Alarms can be triggered based on various edge or central analytic events or conditions.

VSaaS Direct Connect constant recording

Video is recorded constantly to the Cloud.