Hybrid Cloud with Cloud recording

About: Hybrid Cloud with Cloud recording allows for a Cloud connected and managed platform with video recordings saved in our secure Cloud environment. Playback and export can be done from anywhere in the world. Local servers are deployed on-site to serve as video buffers for local monitoring needs.

By default, every camera will transfer recordings to the Cloud, based on either motion detection or other alarm events. The system is centrally managed by our Cloud Management server. This allows users to centrally gain access to Video and alarms anytime, anywhere in the world.

Cloud storage is made available for each camera, based on resolution and framerate requirements. Additional storage can be purchased per camera to facilitate additional cloud storage needs.

Alarms from the system can also be propagated globally or sent to a dedicated alarm central of your choice.

Video path diagram

  1. Cameras: Cameras send live video to a local recording server
  2. Monitoring: Local Client workstations retreive live feeds from the local recording server
  3. Alarms: Alarms can be processed locally and transferred to the Cloud for global alarm propagation
  4. Recordings: Motion based and event/alarm based recordings are transferred to the Cloud for up to 30 days of storage. Additionally, video can be stored on-site for up to 30 days.
  5. Cloud: Connection to the Cloud is achieved via our encrypted VPN connection

VENZO Secure SurveillanceSeries

Choose the best solution for every connected site from our versatile M, R or HSeries hardware. Powered by latest generation HPE servers, the SurveillanceSeries come preconfigured according to best practices to ensure optimal performance. Purchased via Distribution.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Devices

Description: We offer the option to reuse current surveillance equipment by connecting existing recording servers to our central Cloud. The servers must match the performance requirements for the VMS system.

Included services: VENZO Secure can provide monitoring of the BYOD servers and notify of problems with those machines. Windows and hardware maintenance however is the responsibility of the partner.

Maintenance: VENZO Secure offers annual VMS updates for your BYOD covered by an annual recurring fee, for the upgrade to a newer version of the software.