About VMS Services

VENZO Secure brings to the market a variety of services which streamlines and optimizes the process of deploying market-leading VMS solutions.

Each of our offerings help partners address the challenge of implementing and managing complex Video Surveillance systems.

VMS Services at a glance

VMS System Startup service

The system startup service offers assistance in the initial implementation of VMS solutions.

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VMS System Upgrade service

The system upgrade is for situations where a system needs migration to a higher version or new infrastructure (Windows Server, SQL, AD, and VMS).

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VMS System Design service

We can prepare or assist in the design of various VMS solutions based on your customer's needs.

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VMS System Healthcheck service

System Healthcheck is perfect for assessing an existing systems performance and pain points.

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VMS System Configuration service

We offer various server optimizations and advanced configuration services (Windows Server, SQL, AD, VMS) aimed at unleashing the full potential of your customer's surveillance system.

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VMS High Availability setup service

We deliver high availability solutions suitable for various IT infrastructures. Either as bare metal or Virtual.

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