Often times the initial setup of IP Video Surveillance systems can prove long and troublesome due to the involved complexity in setting up and configuring network devices and VMS software.

The System Startup offering is targeted at new VMS systems. Our aim is to assist in bringing the system up in the shortest amount of time, while making sure best practices are followed along the way.

The service covers the initial setup of preferred VMS, including initial setup of rules/alarms or integration of third party solutions.

Included services

Installation of VMS

Initial camera setup and configuration

Advanced Situational Awareness configuration

Initial motion detection configuration

Alarm & Notification configuration

Security & Integration configuration


VENZO Secure's professional services are delivered in collaboration with Milestone, where we assist partners in unlocking the full potential of the customer’s desired solution.

Our portfolio of services are offered as remote or on-site visits, allowing great flexibility.

Remote sessions can be delivered with short notice offering the added benefit of flexible hourly billing.